Seth Thomas “World” Wall Regulator Made in 1911

Here is a beautiful old Seth Thomas “World” drop octagon wall regulator I repaired recently. The oak case is 32 inches tall, with a 11 inch painted dial. The customer brought the clock to me because it had been damaged in shipping. I straightened the bent center arbor and replaced the glass in the bezel

  • The dial has hours 13 through 23 labeled inside hours 1 through 12

See more photos.

Repair job 7534. I polished the pivots and installed 9 bushings. This is the No 40 movement that runs 15 days on a winding. It is time-only and has two very thin mainsprings.

  • Left mainspring: 3/4 by .0147 inch
  • Right mainspring: 3/4 by .0158 inch

The Graham deadbeat escapement makes this movement run efficiently, so the thin mainspringsvsprings provide plenty of power but don’t cause excessive wear.

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  1. I need the Regulator screw on weight for my wall clock. It has been misplaced. Please advise cost delivery and cost.

    Michael Resko

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