Seth Thomas Medbury 5W Chiming Mantel Clock, 1951

Here’s a Seth Thomas chiming mantel clock that I repaired. It was made in 1951. The model name is Medbury 5W, the movement date is August 1951 (date code 5108), and the instruction label inside the back door has the date December 1951 (date code 5112).

This clock has a mahogany case, a 6 1/2 inch dial, and plays quarter-hour Westminster chimes. The clock is 19 15/16 inches wide, 9 5/16 inches tall, and the minute hand is 3 3/32 inches long from center to tip. The 1951 Seth Thomas catalog shows this clock.

See more pictures.

Repair job 7736. This clock has the No. 124 movement, an 8-day keywind with quarter-hour Westminster chimes. The No. 124 is very reliable, but takes a lot of work to repair properly. There are many pivots to polish, and this one needed 21 bushings. It is important to be sure that the pivots protrude from the pivot holes, so they won’t “tunnel in”. It looks best if small bushings like KWM no. 13 American System bushings are used for the small pivots, they can be broached out to fit the pivots. A previous repair shop had damaged and soldered the pallets, and damaged the time mainwheel and strike fly arbor; so I replaced these parts with parts from another old movement.

The original pendulum bob has a hole in the center (I’ve seen the same bob on several clocks). The bob weighs 3.0 ounces, and is 1 5/8 inches diameter. It is made of lead and painted gold.

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  1. I have the same clock with dark brown texture. Nice patina. Marked 5206 Medbury 5W. Kept this for more than 12 years. Have personally changed the time spring years back. The chime is thingy crisp clear.

  2. Are you selling this clock? How much? Or do you have a Medburg Westminister movement?

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