Seth Thomas Legacy 2W Chiming Mantel Clock, 1951

Here’s another Seth Thomas mantel clock with No. 124 movement that I repaired, this one about 2 years ago. The mahogany case is 14 1/2 inches tall and 10 3/4 inches wide. The dial’s minute track is 5 3/4 inches outside diameter, and the minute hand is 2 29/32 inches long from center to tip. The chapter ring is engraved and filled with black paint (later ones are printed aluminum instead of engraved and silvered brass). This clock is from 1951 and has beautifully figured veneer on the door.

See more pictures.

Repair job 7194. When I received this clock, the gears didn’t turn freely, and the pivots were coated with a hard brown material. I’ve seen this several times – it is a dried lubricant of some type – possibly the “nano oil” that was sold as a “miracle” product several years ago. The brown deposit came off easily as each pivot was polished in the lathe.

I installed 36 bushings – this may be the most I’ve ever installed in any clock! The movement is dated 5101 (January 1951). The instruction label on the back door is dated 5104 (April 1951).

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