F. Kroeber China No. 32 Mantel Clock

Here’s a very unusual looking clock that I just repaired. It is about 17 inches tall, with a china case and cast metal base and top ornament. It is styled like a urn or vase with a clock in it. The movement was made by New Haven Clock Company, and it was cased and sold by F. Kroeber Clock Co. It has an enamel dial with visible escapement. Here’s the finished clock. It was made around 1898.

See more pictures.

F. Kroeber bought cases and movements from various sources and sold completed clocks. He sold some interesting and unusual clocks from the mid to late 1800s.

Here is how it looked before repair:

Job 7889. I polished the pivots, installed 15 bushings and tightened the clicks. In the past, someone had stripped the gold finish from the top and base. I applied “Grecian Gold” Rub ‘n Buff to make it look good again. This movement is unusual by being smaller than normal for an American antique clock movement, and having narrower mainsprings. The mainspring dimensions are:

Time mainspring: 5/8 inches wide by 0.0146 inch thick

Strike mainspring: 1/2 inch wide by 0.017 inch thick

Here’s a page from the book “Kroeber Clocks” by Tran Duy Ly showing a clock that looks the same except for the top:

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  1. Hi George, thank you for your kind comments. The clocks I show here are those I’ve repaired for customers and so are not for sale, sorry.

  2. Hello Bill, I’m George, professor of music at Oxford, England. UK. I’m teaching, after a lifetime in the road around the world, famous bands, hit records, tours, tv’s etc, I’m now teaching advanced jazz and classical theory /practical. From a kid I’ve always love trying to repair thins, old valve radios, clockwork toys etc. Now I’ve semi-retired, i’m repairing antique vlocks( learning everyday), they are so beautiful, such an achievement to find an old one, clean, restore, gold leaf French bronze etc, wonderful. I’m in awe of you’re beautiful skill, and the love for you’re clocks, quite astonishing, and so beautiful. You never mention whether or not for sale ? I’d be overwhelmed if you’d allow me to buy one of you’re vlocks, the one I’m looking at now(Kroeber China Mantel Clock), I would cherish in my own home. Regardless, I’ll continue to watch you’re beautiful works of art, a great pleasure. Thank You, and Kindest Regards. George Mc Allister.

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