1903 Western Clock Mfg. Co. (Westclox) Catalog

Westclox researcher Gary Biolchini found a 1903 Western Clock Mfg. Co. catalog at an auction. The front cover is blank, and page 1 shows how their factory grew in size. The catalog has 23 pages. It shows the Western Clock method of construction, America Alarm, Rome Alarm, Enameled Alarm (available in Vine, Daisy and Heraldic pattern), Long Alarm, La Reine Alarm (later called Lookout), Champion, F. W. Alarm (later called Ironclad), La Sallita (two inch time only), The American pocket watch, Two inch movement clocks Sylph, Savoy, Louvre, Venice, Vendome, Tourenne, Toulon; and five porcelain clocks with two inch movements.

Here are the first four pages:

Gary scanned the catalog, and you may view it at the following web page:


Many thanks to Gary for making the scans available!

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