Waterbury “Eton” Walnut Cased Wall Clock

I repaired this Waterbury “Eaton” wall clock. It’s an 8 day clock that strikes the hour and half hour on a coil gong, and is 39 1/4″ tall with a 6 7/8″ time track on the dial.

See more pictures.

Repair job 7228. I polished the pivots and installed 13 bushings. These Waterbury movements use flat steel clicksprings that are prone to failure, so I installed new round steel wire ones.

A previous repairer (or two repairers) had installed ugly bushings. One bushing was a screw-in bushing; and five were soldered-on strips of brass.

Old Waterbury movements typically have very thin mainsprings. These ones are:

Time: 3/4 x .0155 inch

Strike: 3/4 x .0145 inch

There was very little wear to the mainwheel teeth, 5% for the time side and 10% for the strike side.

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