Kundo Miniature 400 Day Clock, Square Case

This Kundo miniature 400 day clock is similar in design to the Schatz London Coach. I don’t have the top available for photographing, as I had the customer not send it to me to avoid the chance of damage.

See more pictures.

Repair job 8762. I polished the pivots and installed a new suspension spring. Horolovar backplate no. 1379A. Suspension unit 5E with 0.0024 inch thick suspension spring (I use 0.0024″, not 0.0023″ springs for Kundo miniatures. But in this case, it needed to be thinned with 30 strokes of 400 grit emery paper to run slow enough. But in the majority of jobs, 0.0024″ works perfectly for the Kundo miniature. This one has an unusual pendulum, where the balls hand down from the arms).

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  1. I had a similar problem with a similar clock, but since I live near Horolovar Chis Nimon found some heavier pendulum weights and we installed them. I miss him.

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