Ansonia Belmont Oak Kitchen Clock

I repaired this Ansonia oak kitchen clock named the “Belmont.” You can see the nice original paper dial in the pictures below. The glass has been repainted differently from the original. Two gears in the movement had severe wear as discussed below.

See more pictures.

Repair job 8825. The strike mainwheel teeth were about 50% worn away! The time mainwheel teeth were about 20% worn down, but every 6th tooth was too short. A broken pinion wire in the time second wheel caused this to happen – a tooth would skip by once per revolution of the second pinion. Also, the time mainspring was a very strong replacement: a Usibel France spring 0.0183 inches thick! The strike mainspring was not too bad at 0.0172 inch thick. I replaced both mainspring with MS301 3/4 by 0.014 by 108 inch mainsprings. Many of these Ansonia movements had thin mainsprings when new – around 0.0145 inch thick. I had a new gear ring installed on the strike mainwheel (see picture above) and I replaced the time mainwheel with a good used one. With the good mainwheels and the thin, new mainsprings, the clock has a long life ahead of it.

I polished the pivots and installed 15 bushings. I installed new wires in four pinions and reversed the wires in one pinion.

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