Seth Thomas Harvard Oak Kitchen Clock

Here’s a Seth Thomas oak kitchen clock I repaired. It is part of their “College” series and named “Harvard.” It is 23″ tall, 14 15/16″ wide and the minute hand is 2 3/8″ long. It strikes the hour and half hour and has an alarm. The movement is model 89E.

See more pictures.

Repair job 8744. I replaced the wires in 6 pinions, tightened the click rivets, polished the pivots and installed 19 bushings. The time mainspring was a 3/4″ by 0.0183″ thick, and I replaced it with a MS298 11/16 by 0.015 x 108 inch new mainspring. The strike mainspring is a satisfactory old replacement 3/4″ wide and 0.0173″ thick. This movement has a deadbeat escapement and is taking an excellent motion even with this thin spring (and also these new German springs are strong for their thickness).

I overhauled and repaired the alarm, too.

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