New Haven O. O. G. Extra V. P.

I recently adjusted this rosewood-veneered New Haven shelf clock called “O. O. G. Extra V. P.”, made around 1881. It is a small one-day weight-driven clock, only 21 1/8 inches tall (excluding the pulley covers) and 12 1/2 inches wide.

The book “New Haven Clocks and Watches” by Tran Duy Ly shows this clock on page 307. The advertisement for the clock says “Smallest Rosewood Clock Made.” See picture below.

This clock is called O. O. G. instead of O. G. because it has curved moldings around the door and outside of the case as well as the usual OG moldings for the case body. “V. P.” means visible pendulum, this is a common designation in catalogs of American antique clocks.

The dial is a replacement paper dial. The pendulum may or may not be original, it does look old. You can see more pictures of the pendulum by using the “See more pictures” link below.

I show the wooden pulley covers below, they are fancier than regular OG pulley covers that are generally plain thin rectangular blocks. Are these ones original?

See more pictures.

Repair job 8859. I merely oiled the movement, put it in beat, installed new weight cords and aligned the dial to the movement. The weights are rectangular in cross section (instead of round). The weights are installed with the long dimension from front to back.

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