New Haven Oak Drop Octagon Wall Clock

I recently overhauled this New Haven modern style drop octagon wall clock. The case is oak and the movement is 8-day time-only (no striking or chiming). I call it modern style, as it is simpler in design (more streamlined) than the older models. It is on page 158 of “New Haven Clocks and Watches” by Tran Duy Ly, is called “12 Inch Drop Octagon” and is listed as being introduced around 1929. It was available in time-only and time and strike. It is described as:

Height, 21 1/2 in. Width 15 in.
12 inch White dial, Solid Oak Case.
8-day time Movement $11.90
8-Day Strike Movement $13.95

See more pictures.

Repair job 8842. I had a new ratchet gear made and a new gear ring put on the mainwheel (the teeth were worn way down). The original mainspring of 3/4 by 0.0174 inches had caused the wear, I installed an new thin mainspring 3/4 by 0.014 by 108 inches, part number MS-301 from Merritt’s or Ronell.

I polished the pivots, installed 8 bushings, smoothed the pallets and closed them slightly toi equalize the drops.

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