Gilbert Kitchen Clock Movement, 1908 with Picture Pendulum

Here’s a Gilbert clock movement I repaired, it belongs to a kitchen clock. The customer sent just the movement to me. It is dated 1907 on the front plate. The movement is 8-day with hour and half-hour striking.

The pendulum has a picture of a young woman in it.

See more pictures.

Repair job 8792. I had a new ratchet gear made and installed on the time mainwheel. I tightened the click rivet, polished the pallets, closed the pallets to reduce the drop onto the exit pallet, moved the pallets closer to the escape wheel to reduce the drop onto the entrance pallet (to equalize the drops), made new tension springs for the warning lever and count lever, polished the pivots and installed 14 bushings.

I made and installed a new rear bushing for the time mainwheel.

The original mainsprings had old varnish-like oil that was very hard to remove, also the strike mainspring was stronger than I would like, so I installed two new springs 11/16 by 0.015 by 108 inches, part number MS-298.

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