1880s Cuckoo Clock with Wood Plate Movement

I recently overhauled the movement of this clock. The case was in very good condition, it just needed to have a couple of broken leaves glued on and the surface wiped down with wood feeder. I love all the hand carved leaves on the case. The case is missing two finials on the bottom. The clock was made in the Black Forest of Germany.

I polished the pivots, and replaced one badly worn pivot (time second wheel front pivot). The wood movement plates have brass pivot bushings, 3 of them were worn badly enough to need replacing. A previous repairer had bent the warning lift improperly (there are plier marks all over it), it took over an hour to get it shaped properly again.

The front of the movement has an FF trademark on the front. Below are 3 photos, followed by a slideshow of many photos, followed by a YouTube video.

Repair job 4923

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