1949 – 1950 Schatz 400 Day Clock With No Name On Dial

400 day or “Anniversary” clocks were introduced in the 1880s in Germany. Their popularity had its ups and downs, reaching a peak in the 1950s, when many U.S. servicemen sent clocks home as gifts.

For years, most 400 day clocks did not have the maker’s name or country on the dial. Later (1920s?), “Made in Germany” started appearing on the bottom of dials. Finally, in the early 1950s, it became customary for the maker’s name (or an abbreviation) to appear on the dial. Examples:

  • Heco: Henry Coehler & Co. (a U.S. importer, not a maker)
  • Herr: Uhrehfabrik Herr
  • Kern: Kern & Sohne
  • Koma: Konrad Mauch
  • Kundo: Kieninger & Obergfell (K und O)
  • Schatz: Aug. Schatz & Sohne (also known as Jahreuhrenfabrik)

I just repaired a Schatz (Jahresuhrenfabrik) 400 day clock that made about 1949 or 1950. The movement has no date, and says Jahresuhrenfabrik (German for Year Clock Company) in the circle around the 49. The number 49 is supposed to represent the year (1949) that this model of movement was introduced, although very similar movements had been made by this company since around 1900 or earlier.

The dial on this clock does not say “Schatz”, and I have seen other made about the same time with no name on the dial. Judging from the examples I have seen, the name Schatz starting appearing on dials around 1950 or 1951. If you have any information about this, please leave a comment below.

Repair Work

This clock had one very rough pivot (front center wheel pivot) which probably caused excessive friction. I smoothed and burnished it, polished the other pivots, and smooth broached the pivot holes.

The movement is no. 1278 in the Horolovar 400 Day Clock Repair Guide. It uses a 0.004 inch thick suspension spring.

Repair job 5015.

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  2. I have a old 49 brass glass dome like the picture. Is there any information on repairs and parts. The wire is broken and no key.

  3. These numbers (49, 53, 54) are a model number; and also 53 and 54 are the year these models were introduced.

  4. Hi, I have a 400 day clock domed clock with 4 balls. It looks like the ones in the 3 pictures you posted except mine has a silver dial with gold etched flower thjngs going half way around the numbers, only says “made in germany” on the bottom of the dial, “germany no (0) jewels unadjusted” on the top left portion of the backplate and absolutely nothing else anywhere on the clock. No names and no numbers anywhere. I measured the back plate the best I could and it seems to be approx. 110mm from top to bottom and approx. 84mm from side to side. I am looking for a value on my clock in working condition. Thanks

  5. I have an old 400 day clock, photos on line suggest its a schatz – makings on back say no jewels – unadjusted – made in Germany. it has no date circle and does not have name on dial. Measured the escapement wheel gear teeth and they are not consistent – looks like some teeth are badly damages. the gear wheel measures outside dia. 15.7mm (although this may be worn) has 20T and is 1.05 wide. spindle is 1.3mm dia.
    Does anyone know if these can be supplied new and from where.


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