1. Hi Anne,

    Some shops repair these clocks but some don’t. If your local shop doesn’t, I will be happy to – see: http://billsclockworks.com/repair/400Day.htm

    The clock market is soft except for rare clocks, so after repair it would be worth around $100 – $350 depending on where it is being sold. The plaque shouldn’t affect the value if it is put beneath the clock where it is not seen.

  2. Bill, My husband and I were married last year and was given an old Schatz Clock just like this one above (400 Day Clock w/ 49 in the circle mark). Unfortunately, the four bells below are no longer suspending and there is no wind up key found (his parents are now passed away). We would like to have it repaired locally at a clock shop. Could you tell us what it is worth fully repaired and would a small plaque with his parents wedding date and our wedding date bring down the value if placed underneath the clock? Thank you so much for having this web information available. Anne

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