Antique Cuckoo clock

I recently overhauled this cuckoo clock. The movement was very dirty and someone had damaged the fan fly and enlarged its pivot holes to about 1/8 inch! The slideshow below shows the repair process.

I had to plug the enlarged pivot hole, use the depthing tool to establish the correct center distance, and  drill a new hole. Also, the fan fly had been damaged and a brass strip needed to be attached so that the fly fit properly on the arbor.

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  1. My German cuckoo clock (estimated manufacture date 1906)has very similar brass frame to the one in your video. I noticed the letters GK on your frame, but John Truex referred to your clock as a Hurbut Herr clock. Can you explain this discrepancy

  2. your hunter quail call you show in your vedio is a1920,s hubert herr a very nice clock thanks for showing have not seen one this nice ever, john

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