I’m a Canon Camera Fan

Canonflex from 1959
Canonflex from 1959

I’ve been fascinated by cameras and photography since I was a boy. My father was an avid photographer, did wedding photography, had a darkroom for developing and printing pictures, and made our photo Christmas cards himself for the first few years. Some of the cameras I’ve used over the years are:

  • Brownie Hawkeye – my starting camera
  • Leica IIIG – The last of the screw mount Leica cameras that my Dad bought new around 1958. When I was a boy, my Dad taught me to use a handheld exposure meter and this camera. I took many pictures with it on our vacations.
  • Agfa – One of the Optima series.
  • BolseyB2 – A neighbor had this camera and he took the shutter timing mechanism apart and could not reassemble it. He gave it to me, and I was able to get it assembled and working.
  • Canonflex – This was the first SLR (Single Lens reflex) made by Canon, and was introduced in 1959. I believe that my Dad bought it when it was new, and I started using it about 1968 to take closeup pictures of my clock collection. We had a screw on closeup lens that worked well.
  • Canon AE-1 with 50 mm Macro lens. I bought it new about 1980 and used it for closeup and general photography for years.
  • Canon EOS Rebel Ti – when our middle aged eyes could not focus the AE-1 anymore, my wife and I bought this camera in 2003.
  • Canon A540 – for home and church web site photos. Our first digital!
  • Canon A570 IS – for use in the clock shop. Has manual exposure mode which is good for closeup photography.
  • Canon EOS 40D – digital SLR – haven’t bought one yet but it looks good!

My nephew Bugsy recently visited all 50 states and took hundreds of photos with a Canon 30D. My sister has a Canon SD600 and before that used a Canon EOS 850.

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