A Tale of Three Movements and a Clock (Ansonia Long Drop Regulator A)

About 1880, a fine Ansonia Regulator A, time only with calendar, was purchased for an office. The clock was enjoyed by many descendants of the original owner. It was well maintained, and always gave good service. In the late 1990’s, the clock was taken to a repair shop, and the repairman said he could not fix it! So he installed a chiming battery operated movement! The clock was passed down one generation, and the present owner was horrified at the indignity inflicted upon the clock. She asked me if I could find an original movement to install. I said I would try, but that it would take some looking, as the clock needs an earlier type of movement than is commonly seen.

After searching eBay for four weeks, I saw the exact movement we needed. It even had the original brass calendar hand and the hour hand. I bought it, and found a source for a good reproduction pendulum. A colleague supplied an original type minute hand to me. We had the case touched up, and an old glass painted with “Regulator A”.






I installed a Merritt’s Antiques P-1956 mainspring, as described in this post. This spring is 3/4 inch wide, 0.0165 inch thick, and 96 inches long. It is of excellent quality, and provides the correct amount of power.

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