Golden Hour Clock Repair Notes

1) Early Golden Hour clocks (made around 1953 and 1954) don’t use nylon pads to support the rotating gear ring. Instead, they have three slightly raised metal areas. When these wear down, the friction increases and can cause the clock to be unreliable. On 3-31-08 I repaired one by applying several pieces of black plastic electrical tape near the raised metal areas. Time will tell how long this repair lasts.

2) The same job as above had a groove worn in the metal retaining ring, causing the the gear ring to bind in places. I used abrasive paper to remove the grove. Now the gear ring turns much more smoothly.

Golden Hour Clock

(Job 4583 3/31/08)

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  1. I think the motor has died on my golden hour clock. It has never had any repairs and is probably a 1953 or 1954. I live in Florida and my parents had this clock since I was a little girl. Now I have it! I don’t want to repair it myself but would rather have it done for me. Can you suggest a clock repair shop? Do you do repairs?

    Thanks for you assistance. Marcia Couch [email protected]

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