Seth Thomas Oak Kitchen Clock with 89E Movement

I overhauled the movement of this clock recently. One of the teeth on the escape wheel was too short, so I inserted a new tooth.

Both mainsprings are original Seth Thomas mainsprings that measure 0.0165 inch thick. The strike speed is adequate, but I wouldn’t want the mainspring to be much weaker. The pendulum takes a fantastic swing, about three times the escape arc. The time mainspring could be quite a bit weaker and still have plenty of power.

This clock appears similar to the College Series “New York” with a different base and glass. It is also very similar to one of the “Capitol” series with a different base and glass.

Seth Thomas Oak Kitchen Clock

Movement No. 89E.

Pendulum bob and gong.

Plug inserted in the escape wheel

The plug has been filed to shape.

Complete clockimg_3916_520.jpgDial closeup

My job 4526.

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  1. Hi, My Grandmother’s 298A, having a movement 98E is in need of work on the chime spring wind/hold ratchet. It has a few broken down teeth so slips and will not hold when winding. I think I need to replace it. I don’t know where to get the parts. Can you help?


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