Schatz standard 400 day clock, diamond dial, made in 1953

This Schatz standard 400 day clock with diamond-shaped dial was made in January 1953 (date code 1 53 on the back of the movement). The numerals on the dial are printed, not engraved as on the round silver dials. This example retains the original lacquer on the bezel (brass dial surround) and the brass has darkened to a beautiful uniform metallic brownish blue. I recommend not polishing the bezel when it is this nice looking with an original but uniformly darkened finish. I polished and lacquered the base and pillars.

The movement is Horolovar back plate no. 1281, dated 1 53. It needed the usual cleaning, pivot polishing and suspension spring replacement. I polished the anchor pin. These Schatz standard clocks (movement with 49 in the circle on the back) use a 0.004 inch thick suspension spring.

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  1. Hello I found this clock above in the trash terrible place for it! What should I do with it? I wound it with a socket it does not make any sound the piece between the clock works and the base is missing. It’s a beautiful piece even in an unpolished condition.
    So what shall I do with it? Thank you for your time and attention.

  2. Gear teeth should never oiled (except for the escape wheel). The oil attracts dust, then the dust acts as a grinding compound and causes wear.

  3. Q’s–What shall I use to polish the pinions?
    What shall I use polish the suspension fork?
    The Holovar 7th edition repair book states that one should never oil the pinions. The local clock man differs. Your opinion—
    Where can I go (mail) the 400 day clock to have it ‘shined up’?– Schatz 10-54. Movement”s brass, base’s brass plated plastic? (803)642-3397 TOM

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