Schatz “London Coach” 400 day clock made in September 1955

This is a Schatz “London Coach” 400 day clock that was made in September 1955. These beautiful clocks were very popular in the 1950s and early 1960s, in fact my parents and grandparents each had one that my uncle sent back from Germany. Most of them (including this one) have plastic panels in the case.

This one needed a movement overhaul and new suspension spring. I also polished and lacquered the case.

Here is a slideshow of more photos:

Repair job 5113. The movement is the Schatz miniature “53”. Horolovar back plate no. 1013A. Date code 9 55. This model normally uses a 0.0023 inch thick suspension spring and suspension unit 10A. This example needed a 0.0024 inch thick spring to keep time properly, and it had to be about 1/8 inch longer than usual to make the pendulum locking device work.

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  1. Hello, I have a Schatz Sohne clock that I am interested in getting refurbished. I look on your website and am not sure which clock I have. I shows your insignia with a 53 in the middle and also has a 4 then a 56 printed on the same plate. Please let me know what I have and how much to fix her up. Thanks
    John Forsman

  2. Excellent, Thank you for your quick reply, may contact you again after I receive it if I have any other questions, but should be OK the info on your web site is very helpful. Thanks again & Best Regards, Michael.

  3. Beautiful clock! You are correct – the brass tube is merely a protective cover for the suspension spring – it does not affect the operation of the clock.

  4. Hi Bill, Have purchased one of the beautiful clocks on eBay, waiting for it to arrive, from the photos and after looking at your website it seems to have the brass “cover” for the suspension wire missing. Does this cover serve any other purpose than shielding the wire. The eBay web link above and as follows:

    I look forward to your comments. Many Thanks, Michael.

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