Seth Thomas Cottage Clock with 8-Day Lyre Movement

This Seth Thomas Cottage clock has an 8-day time and strike lyre-shaped movement and was made around 1865 (movement marked Plymouth, case label marked Thomaston). The case is 14 7/16 inches tall.

In the past, someone coated the time second wheel with solder (visible on the right in the photos below). I have no idea why they did this. My customer and I decided it was not worthwhile to try to remove the solder. The dial is not shown because all of the paint has come off and it has had a paper face applied.

This movement has 4 wheels in the time and strike gear trains, and uses 11/16 inch wide mainsprings. I installed a new time mainspring 11/16 wide by 0.0165 inch thick by 96 inches long from Empire Clock. This spring opens out to about 9 inches when first released from its clamp. The movie below shows the escapement motion with the spring fully wound. The motion is good but not excessive.

I installed a new strike mainspring also, Timesavers 20506 11/16 x 0.0165 x 96 inch. (This spring opened out to 22 inches diameter when first released, but opened out to 13 inches after 2 winds.) I replaced both mainsprings because the originals were rusty.

Repair job 5072. Needed the pivots polished, 13 bushings installed, the escape wheel teeth trued, replace the wires in pinion T4, reverse the wires in pinion T3, smooth and polish pallets. No oil on the pallets.

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  1. I have a Seth Thomas Plymouth Hollow, Conn, USA eight day brass clock, 33 inches by 18.5 inches with 2 doors. Top door has dial and picture of trees and possibly castle. Bottom door has lions and wreath in gold. Any info? Thank you.

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