Jahresuhrenfabrik Disc Pendulum 400 Day Clock, ca. 1912

This Jahresuhrenfabrik (German for “Year Clock Company”) 400 day clock has the serial number 112975 on the back plate and was made around 1912. The diameter of the dial minute track is 2.5 inches. (Earlier clocks often have a smaller dial, whereas later, 1950s clocks have a larger dial, typically with a 3 9/16 inch time track.)

There are numbers and dots on various parts that may relate to batches of movements being made. Both plates have “39” and “4” stamped on the inside. The minute wheel cock and minute wheel both have “39”. The barrel, cap and arbor all have “39” on them. Wheels T2 – T5 and the hour wheel have 3 dots and a “7” on them. Can anyone explain these markings?

This movement has an early example of a guard for the suspension spring, with a brass cover on the bottom for shipping.

Here is a movie of the clock:

Here is a slideshow of more photos (click near the bottom of the photo to start the show):

Jahresuhrenfabrik became Aug. Schatz and Sohne around 1950. Their clocks almost always have a one-piece anchor in the escapement (as opposed to the anchor with adjustable pallets used by most makers).

Repair job 5206. Horolovar back plate no. 1349. 0.004 inch thick suspension spring. Suspension unit similar to 6789A but slightly longer so that pendulum doesn’t look too high above base. I would have liked it to be longer for the pendulum to be lower, but then too much would have been protruding for the suspension guard cap to cover.

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