Schatz Standard 400 Day Clock with No Name on Dial, ca. 1950

This Jahresuhrenfabrik (Schatz) standard 400 day clock, was made around 1949 – 50, and has no name on dial. The minute track of the dial is 3 9/16 inches in diameter. The movement is labeled Jahresuhrenfabrik, and this company was renamed Aug. Schatz and Sohne around 1950 (the Jahresuhrenfabrik name continued to be used on the back of some clocks for several years). Jahresuhrenfabrik is German for “Year Clock Company”.

This album has more photos.

Repair job 5204. Horolovar back plate no. 1278 (no date). Uses 0.004 inch thick suspension spring. Mainspring replaced. Old suspension spring retained.

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  1. I have a Schatz 400 day clock (53) currently in perfect running order and condition (no key).
    I need a key and approximate value. Seems bright and brilliant to me but “net pictures” seem to have more shine.

  2. I have a schatz 400 day clock and on the back plate of the clock it is stamp with two (2)jewels unadjusted and under that 10 59. this is on the bottom left corner and onthe right in a circle is stamp AUG.SCHATZ & SOHNE GERMANY. If it is possible would like info on clock and some idea of value. It is a working clock. thank you for any help with this

  3. Most likely, the suspension spring needed to be adjusted to put the clock “in beat” (that is – to make it tick evenly). Or, the suspension spring will need replacing if it is twisted or bent. The movement probably needs to be taken apart and cleaned as well. I offer this service, please see the following web page for information:

  4. i have the 1949-50 schatz clock with no name on the dial.i purchased it at auction in n.j.30 years ago it has never run more than 3 days at a time.

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