Seth Thomas 44 AG Clock Movement

I repaired this Seth Thomas 44 AG clock movement. It uses 11/16 inch wide mainsprings, and has 4 gears in each train (time and strike). The movement has a strip deadbeat escapement, and stopworks for time and strike mainsprings. This shape of movement is sometimes called a “hip” movement because of the shape of the plates. Is is a fairly large movement, the plate dimensions are 6 3/8 inches high and 3 15/16 inches wide.

The owner had attempted to install a new mainspring himself, and ended up with the tangled mess in the first photo below! (The tangled mainspring is the original strike spring, which is good and was retained in the clock, the time spring (which was broken) is not present in the photo.

The replacement time mainspring spring is a Timesavers 20506 11/16 x 0.0165 x 96 inch spring that actually measures 0.0157 inch thick and 23/32 inch wide. This spring opened out to 12  inches diameter when first released from its clamp. The original strike mainspring is 0.016 inch thick and exactly 11/16 inch wide.

Below is a movie of the movement striking. It strikes hours using the countwheel strike mechanism:

Here is a movie showing a closeup of the escapement and general views of the movement:

Repair job 5109. Besides installing the new time mainspring, the pivots were polished, 7 bushings installed, and some adjustments made to the striking.

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  1. Hi,

    The wheel just above the count wheel has a pin on it. Each time this wheel goes around, this pin pushes the count wheel ahead one tooth.


  2. Hello Bill:
    I have a Seth Thomas 44G. The count wheel on this movement is lacking a drive component. As I am new to trade I would appreciate a brief explanation of what drives this wheel.
    Thanking you in advance,
    John Sansburn
    PS The video of the 44AG was very helpful.

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