Seth Thomas Tambour No. 119 Mantel Clock

This Seth Thomas “Tambour No. 19” mantel clock was made about 1913. This beautiful clock has an octagon shaped wooden bezel, and a brass dial with printed numerals. It uses a Seth Thomas No. 120 movement, which is a round 8-day movement with hour and half-hour strike. The striking is on a coil gong with a particularly full and resonant sound (see video below).

The case is 19.5 inches wide and  7 15/16 inches tall; and the brass dial has a 4.5 inch wide dial minute track.

The dial is labeled:



Here is a video of the clock striking:

Here is a video of the deadbeat escapement:

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  1. What would you estimate this clocks value? Is there somewhere a “stem” or “rod” can be purchased for the clock. It screws into the bottom of the chime. Thank you!

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