Ansonia Walnut Kitchen (Shelf) Clock

I recently repaired this Ansonia walnut cased shelf clock.  Case height 22 9/16 inches, width at base 14 1/4 inches. It was shipped from overseas, and so the door with glass was removed and not sent, to avoid damage. The main problem with the clock was that the strike mainspring was broken, and the click on the strike mainwheel needed a better rivet (it had a  previous replacement rivet, that did not fully cover the hole in the click – see photo below). The click is also a replacement, but it functions well.

Ansonia clocks such as this have mainsprings that are thinner than used on many other clocks, and a thin replacement mainspring should be used (of course, original mainsprings should be retained unless there is a good reason for replacement).

The original mainspring measurements are:

Time Mainspring: 3/4 inch by 0.0155 inch.

Strike Mainspring: 3/4 inch by 0.0158 inch.

The time mainspring was in good condition so it was retained in the clock. The replacement strike mainspring is Empire Clock 280-19-009, measuring 3/4 inch wide, 0.0146 inch thick, and 120 inches long. It is a quite thin spring, but it is powerful enough to run the striking for 14 1/2 days.

Repair job 5299.

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