Schatz 1952 400 Day Clock – Unusual Styling Features

I recently repaired this Schatz standard 400 day clock dated 10 52 (October 1952).  It has several unusual styling features:

  • The three finials are ball-shaped instead of spires,
  • The base cup is scalloped instead of smooth,
  • The 4 pendulum balls each have 4 ridges on top,
  • The back plate and front plate have a cutout on each edge (like Horolovar plate no. 1014B),
  • The arrangement of the back plate logos are different: The date is below the “No(0) Jewels Unadjusted” and the circle with 49 Jahresuhrenfabrik Germany is above,
  • The base has an extra vertical area at the bottom (usually the curve comes all the way to the bottom).

Repair job 5317.

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