Waterbury “Crane” store regulator in oak case

This type of clock is ofter called a “store regulator” by collectors. This one’s model name is “Crane”. It has an 8 day time and strike movement. The case is 37 inches tall and 16 1/8 inches wide. The dial minute track is 11 inches in diameter.

The movement has steel plates that are brass plated, with brass bushings.

When the clock came in for repair, it had the original strike mainspring of 3/4 by 0.0135 inch (and roughly 96 inches long). It was broken. The time mainspring was an old replacement that was too strong: 3/4 by 0.0175 inch thick. It was causing wear to the time mainwheel teeth.

I replaced both mainsprings with new springs that are loop end, 3/4 inch wide, 0.0145 inch thick, and 96 inches long. The springs are from Empire Clock Inc., part number 280-19-009.

The escapement is an American “strip” deadbeat escapement. There is actually some recoil, some due to the design, and some due to wear on the faces of the escape wheel teeth. Here is a video of the escapement motion:

Here are some photos:

See Picasa web album.

Repair job 5139.

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  1. I am a private owner trying to find out approximately what this clock is worth. Mine keeps great time (recently serviced), the case is in great condition w/original finish. The painted glass has some cracking & the face shows some wear. Also would you know how old this clock might be??-Thanks

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