Seth Thomas Oak Kitchen (Shelf) Clock

Oak and oak veneer case 22 7/16 inches tall and 14 7/8 inches wide.

The movement is an earlier version of the no. 89 movement. It is marked “8 1/4” on the front plate. It uses 11/16 inch wide loop end mainsprings (later examples use 3/4 inch wide springs. It can run reliably on thin, weak mainsprings, but was given quite strong springs originally. The original time mainspring was 0.0195 inch thick, the original strike spring was 0.0185 inch thick. The time mainspring was broken when the clock came in for repair. I replaced both mainsprings with thinner springs (time spring 0.0163 inch thick, strike spring 0.0168 inch thick). The mainsprings are part no. CML 175.3) from Mile Hi Clock Supplies.

This movement has a strip deadbeat escapement. The pendulum takes an excellent swing with this mainspring, and an even thinner time mainspring could be used (if it were available)! The video below shows the escapement motion when run down for 8 days, and fully wound:

The movie below shows the complete clock, the movement, and the clock striking the hour and half-hour:

See more photos.

Repair job 5179.

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