Instructions for Japanese Quartz Chime Clock Movement Model MT-13005

Movement model number MT-13005, made in Japan. This movement has a number of buttons for setting the time and chime, below are scans of the four page instruction sheet. The movement dimensions are 4 inches by 3 7/16 inches. The instruction sheet has a date code 79.5.1 (May 1, 1979).

The back of the movement is labeled:


The movement has these numbers stamped in ink in the battery compartment:


The movement uses one D cell.


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  1. I am looking for a replacement movement fit my 20404 tochigi token, it hits to chimes, is there anywhere i can find one

  2. Hi all,

    I stumbled on this site while doing some research. I have new old stock of roughly 300+ pcs of Tochigi-Tokei quartz movement with detachable/lockable pendulum arm that I would like to get rid off but do not know how to. Anyone interested? I bought them years ago via a local agent who’s no longer in the business. They are made in Japan and still well kept. It is silent with no chime and uses 1 “AA” size battery that needs replacing after 8-9 months.
    Thanks if any can help.

  3. Have a wall clock with pendulum and speaker for chimes the clock works but pendulum nor the chimes have never worked all the info is TOCHIGI . tokei co. LTD japan with the numbers 155502 and 30811 inside the battery holder it holds 1 c battery any thoughts or can I buy replacement parts i’ve had it apart but couldn’t see anything wrong guess biggest problem is on the cover (wood part) says made in Taiwan thanks.

  4. I am looking for a replacement quartz TOCHIGI TOKEI CO., LTD.
    NO(0) JEWELS UNADJUSTED JAPAN number 28502E. Can you help? Thanks John

  5. Thanks a million Bill. I have been looking all over the joint for parts and that link had everything I was after!

  6. I have an old clock with quartz movement and company name 28507E Tochigitokei co Ltd. can I get a new or similar replacement?

  7. I have a Tochigi Toke (This is the way they pronounce it on the clock)with pendulum and two batteries, few days ago it stop operating I took it down and cleaned of the dust and replaced the batteries with new ones, it worked for a short time and this time it stops, but pendulum works I think because it has a separate power source ( one of the batteries) there is a #28507 and TSKS printed in one of the compartment and the other battery compartment has 950/TSSO or 950/TSSQ printed please advise what I should do replace the whole thing or repair it.

    George Manukian

  8. Looking for instructions for Tochigi tokei 15109 2121S on how to set chime.

  9. Hello !

    I have a Jaz quartz chime clock with this movement.
    And before my visit on your site I never understand the use
    Now Its OK ! Thanks !

  10. I have a reproduction Regulator wall clodk which has a pendulum and chimes. I need to acquire instructions of the movement as I removed the cover and some of the gears are loose. It is a TOCHIGI TOKEI which has 20404A stamped in the battery mount area (D cell) as well as 70710. It has operated flawlessly for years but all of a sudden it just stopped. Is it repairable or does it need replacing and if so where are replacement movements? Thank you.

  11. I have a 13005 8041K stamped in the battery section. My speaker has gone out on this and won’t run. Would like to get the whole unit with the speaker attached. Please let me know where I can order this and how much. I’ve been without my clock over a year and want to hear it running again. This is with the Westminster chimes. You are an angle if you can help me.

  12. Hallo,
    I have mod.clock 19603 / 8121T quartz with pendulum.
    To require new.
    Pray to write my adress mail with price
    Thank you
    Via Murgantina 21. 82026 Morcone (BN) C.F.PTRMRA47D12F717P

  13. can you give me any information on a Tochigi Tokei… number 20404… we got this given to us for the food pantry and it doesn’t work. we would like to fix this and raffle it off at one of our dinners

  14. Most quartz clocks don’t have a speed adjustment, they are supposed to be accurate without adjustment.

  15. Is there a way to adjust this movement? My friend’s clock runs slow. Thanks. The info regarding chime adjustment was helpful.

  16. Looking to purchase the 13004 quartz no jewels unadjusted. My old battery ran and destroyed the inside no where I can get another?

  17. Exactly what I needed to reset the old clock in a retirement home. Great resource! Thanks!

  18. I have this exact movement. The battery finally went dead and I replaced it with a new one, however the hands do not move. The clock chimes at the appropriate times and hour chimes advance normally. There is no beep when setting the clock and the test button has no effect. The new battery has a terminal voltage of 1.61 volts when in the clock so it is fully charged. I can’t quite understand why the chimes work but the buttons make no sound.
    Does anyone have any ideas as to what could cause this?


  19. I have a Tochigi Tokei No (0) Jewels #22804 TNHB stamped on the housing. Operates on one “C” battery. I need two new replacement clock mechanisms. Can you help me.

  20. I can not read the instructions.They are to small to read .Is there any way to get a larger
    page Thank You!!!!

  21. Thank You very much for having the setting instructions manual posted for Japanese Quartz Chime Clock Movement Model MT-13005. I think this is the movement that is in a lovely clock that I purchased at an Estate Sale.I have been unsuccessful in efforts to set it correctly. Hopefully I can accomplish that, now.

  22. I have a Brass Nautical Clock with an Arm that strikes a Brass Bell. It has a Tochigi Tokei Quartz movement that uses a single D battery. Inside the battery compartment are the numbers: 22303A and 6081A. I would like to purchase a new movement. Where might one be found? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


    Bob Adams
    989 798 6581

  23. I have a Small World Rythm clock made in Japan. It says I need a 1.5 volt battery but a normal 1.5 D battery is too small. Do I need to get a Japanese battery?

  24. I inherited one of these clocks from my aunt, and couldn’t get the clock to chime correctly until I found this manual on your site. I followed the instructions and it worked. Thanks so much.

  25. I am trying to repair a beautiful clock that my late husband made for me in 1983. The quatz number inside the battery box is 20404 and underneath is TMRP. Is is a Tochigi Tokel Co.,Ltd.
    It takes a size D battery and I would love to get working again since it means so much to me.

  26. Have a Tochigi Tokei Co., LTD. ships clock that
    chimes on the hour and the half hour. Battery
    compartment has two (2) numbers. Top number is
    22303A. Under this number is 60710. Looking to
    replace the entire movement with a new one. The
    current movement has stopped working.

  27. Looking ofr a replacement movement for my clock. Th only number I can find is in the batery compartment. It is 2040A
    Can you tell me if this part is available yet? Thank you for any information you can provide. Jean

  28. How do you set the chimes on this quartz clock? I see the instructions but need some clarification.
    Thanks so much

  29. You can buy new quartz movements from the following place:

    The movement won’t have the same name. You can buy them with different shaft lengths to fit various types of cases. You get a free pair of hands with the movement, you can choose the proper length to match the dial.

  30. I am looking for a quartz movement with the same name stamped on the back as the Japanese Quartz Chime MT-13005. This is for a child’s Learn to tell time clock and the hands fit over the plastic or nylon piece. I bought it for my granddaughter and would now like to have it working so she can teach her son to tell time. The numbers on the back are 28908K 7111X
    Any information on how I can purchase one of these would be appreciated. Thank you.

  31. I have a model mt-13004,8071k which is stamped in the battery compartment. It also has a pendulum. Is there an instruction sheet/booklet for this model? Thanks.

  32. Bill,

    Can you tell me where I can purchase a replacement Japanese Quartz Chime Clock Movement Model MT-13005? My clock fell off the wall and I’ve put the gears back in place but it will not work.


  33. I am looking for a replacement quartz movement No. 20404 TMZ0 could you forward any information on how to obtain one.

    thank you.

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