Schatz Standard No Name 400 Day Clock, ca. 1949, with Instructions

This Schatz (Jahresuhernfabrik) standard size 400 day clock was made around 1949 – 1950. It has some differences from those made around 1950 – 1951. The “early” features include:

  • No name on the dial;
  • short sliding tube on suspension guard;
  • the dial is secured with taper pins (instead of collars with screw);
  • the minute wheel is held by a cock instead of a screw, and the canon pinion is larger in diameter than the later style.

This clock has its original instruction sheets.

The single sheet appears to have been hand typed, and is signed “Devon Sales Company, Devon, Connecicut”

The 4 page instructions were printed in Germany and contain both German and English text. They contain the heading “Directions for setting up ORIGINAL SCHATZ 400 day lever clock” The instructions explain raising the sliding tube on the suspension guard, hanging and starting the pendulum, the purpose of the cup in the base, how to tell if the clock is out of beat, how to adjust the beat, and regulating the clock. The instructions don’t cover winding and setting the clock, perhaps they assumed that people already knew how to wind and set a clock (which was probably true in 1950!)

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Repair job 5494.

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  1. Have clock simialar to this but it has schatz on the dial.I seen some early schatz 400 day clocks with the name on the dial, but not the same style of lettering. just trying figure out what i have. thanks to anyone that can help me.

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