E. N. Welch Walnut Cased “Kitchen” or Shelf Clock

I recently repaired this walnut cased shelf clock, made in the 1880s – 1890s by E. N. Welch Manufacturing Co., Forestville, Connecticut. The movement is 8-day time and strike. The case is 23 3/8 inches tall and 14 5/16 inches wide. The original painted dial has a 4 7/8 inch time track. The hands are new replacements.

These old Welch movements are very solidly built, and this one is nice in having the extra feature of stopworks to limit the mainspring travel.

I polished the pivots and installed 16 bushings. The original mainsprings are 3/4 inch wide with loop ends. The time mainspring is about 0.0176 inch thick, and the strike mainspring measures from 0.017 to 0.0176 inch thick. These springs are good and were retained in the clock.

Repair job 5493.

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