Sessions Small Pine Shelf Clock

Sessions Small Shelf Clock with dark stained pine case. Height 15 3/8 inches, width 10 3/4 inches. The dial is paper on a metal plate, and the time track outside diameter is 4 3/8 inches.  8 day time and strike movement.

This is a cute little clock. It appears to be a later design, judging from the use of pine instead of oak, and the simplified case style with no embossed designs on the flat pieces.  Perhaps it is one of the last of the shelf clock style in regular production, and may have been made in the 1930s.

Repair job 5500. This clock just received minor servicing including rinsing the bearings and lubricating.

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  1. Hello Bill. I came by this clock on ebay (I think). It had a blown bong (chime) spring and the ‘bushings’ for the escapement wheel were oblong. After repairing the bushings and replacing the spring, as well as cleaning and oiling, the clock runs great and the time chime is correct. The case was in fair shape and in need of some re-gluing. A friend of mine asked me to put in good condition so he can give it to his daughter’s 16th birthday.

    Thanks for the photos and info on the clock.

  2. Bill, I just bought the same clock at an antique shop yesterday! Unfortunately it did not have the movement. Just the case, pendulum, hands & few screws. Is it possible to get a movement?

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