Kundo Standard 400 Day Clock

This is one of the most often seen 400 day clocks: the Kundo standard with brass base, glass dome (5 1/2 by 11 inches) and enamel dial. The Kundo is a well-made clock and will last for many years. This one is about 56 years old and still going strong. In the repair process, I polish any pivots that aren’t smooth. The pivot holes in 400 day clocks don’t wear much, so bushings are not necessary. The original mainspring is usually powerful enough to run the clock, but should be replaced if it is “set’ (lost its elasticity).

I polished the base using my polishing machine, then lacquered it. I hand polished the columns and platform after removing the old lacquer. These brass bases sometimes develop stress cracks (see the close-up photo below for a crack in the rear of this base) but they can usually be polished successfully. Some Kundo bases from around 1950 develop long cracks along the edges and may fall apart during polishing.

This clock has a plastic suspension guard to protect the thin suspension spring during shipping. Earlier Kundo clocks have metal guards. This one looks spotted because someone applied solvent to it.

Repair job 5536. Horolovar back plate similar to no. 1407B but has an “L” on it. It uses a 0.032 inch thick suspension spring. There was a bent tooth on the center wheel because someone had tried to turn the gears with pliers!

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  1. Hello, I was given a Kundo 400 day clock and seeing the pictures posted here I am almost positive that it is the same one. Currently the clock does not work and is not in the most supreme shape but is still a beautiful piece. I was just trying to find out what this clock is worth as is and after it was repaired. I am considering selling it but if its affordable to fix it I was thinking of just doing that. Any information you could pass on would be extremely helpful. Thank you Danny.

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