Kundo “Louvre” Style 400 Day Clock

I recently repaired this beautiful clock. It is 15 inches tall (not including the glass dome), and uses a Kundo standard 400 day clock movement.

Job 4777

Back plate: similar to 1367 but has no text, just the logo
Suspension unit: 1
Suspension spring: 0.0032 inches

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  1. Hi:
    By reviewing your website today I realized that one Kundo Anniversary clock I own is the LOUVRE model. The clock is in its original condition, complete with original key, respective hair loom pendulum and crystal dome with no dents.
    I’m interested in selling it. Can you provide an estimated market price for it?
    Thank you,

  2. i have a 1965 cadillac has a westclox need working diagram want to try to fix myself
    looks simple but thanks

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