Kundo Standard 400 Day Anniversary Clock

I just repaired this Kundo standard 400 day clock. Below is a photo of the gears and anchor before the back plate was put on, photos of the complete clock, and videos of the escapement and the complete clock.

Job 4779

Back plate: 1004
Suspension unit: 3C
Suspension spring: 0.0032 inches

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  1. I am just an average person looking for another clock like I have or if this one can be repaired.It is a battery operated Kundo clock about 2inches high and 2 and 1/2 inches wide andapprox 1 inch deep. the face is black, body cream colored and is the best clock ever and I alays used it for travel and at home. IS there such a creature in this year of 2011? I would appreciate any help you can give me. I have had it for approx 25 years.

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