1919 Westclox Parts and Repair Manual

In 1919, Westclox (Western Clock Company) published a parts and repair manual called “First Aid for injured Westclox.” I have only a fair photocopy of this manual, but hope to buy or borrow an original for scanning someday. For now, we have put only the general information and repair text on the ClockHistory.com web site. Some useful repair tips are included.

If you can loan or sell me an original copy, please let me know, as I would like to scan the entire manual and make it available as a PDF file. The manual includes parts lists for America, America – 1918 Model, Alternating, Baby Ben, Big Ben, Big Ben – 1918 Model, Bingo, Ironclad, LaSallita, Lookout, Sleep-Meter, Bunkie, Pocket Ben, Luminous Dials, Two-Inch Movement, and addendum listing interchangeable parts. Thanks!

Note: there was also a 1950 version of “First Aid for injured Westclox” which is more common, and I hope to post excerpts from it on ClockHistory.com.

See First Aid for injured Westclox on ClockHistory.com

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  1. Do you stock or know where to obtain hardened cone cups used for balance bearings in alarm clocks?

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    Bill Bassett

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