Schatz Maroon Painted 400 Day Clock

This Schatz standard windup 400 day (anniversary) clock was made in November, 1952. It has an unusual maroon color dial and trim. The paint and brass finish are original, I have not done any polishing as I like to keep things original when possible. There are some tarnish spots on the base, visible in the photos.

The height, including the glass dome, is 11 1/2 inches.

The dark maroon color is difficult to photograph accurately. It is dark, but pretty.

Here is a movie of the clock operating, with Bach organ music in the background. The clock does not chime or strike. The actual clock is much darker than it appears here.

Here is a movie of the escapement in action:

Back plate: 1281
Suspension unit: 7
Date code: 11 52
Suspension spring: 0.004 inches

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