Heco Miniature 400 Day Clock (Made by Kern)

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This is a 1950’s Heco windup 400 day anniversary clock made by Kern & Sohne in Germany.

The height, including the glass dome, is 8 3/8 inches.

The base was polished and lacquered about 10 years ago. It still looks nice, but has a few small tarnish spots and a couple of dents (the worst dent is shown in the last photo below). The base also has a few small cracks.

This model of clock is the slowest ticking of the 400 day clocks. The pendulum makes one rotary swing each 10 seconds. The video below shows the clock in operation. This clock (like 99.99% of 400 day clocks) is time only and does not strike or chime.

Here is a close up movie of the escapement:

Back plate: 1217A
Suspension unit: 12C
Suspension spring: 0.002 inches

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