Noah Pomeroy Semi-Deadbeat Escapement

Noah Pomeroy received patent number 92644 on July 13, 1869; titled “Improvement in deadbeat verge clocks”. The patent describes a way of making a cheap deadbeat verge from a strip of steel.

The standard recoil American strip verge escapement has just one face on each pallet, doing both locking and impulse. Pomeroy’s verge has both a locking face and an impulse face on each pallet. Note particularly the shape of the impulse face on the entrance pallet (on the right).

Many American clocks in later years had strip verges with separate locking and impulse faces that show slight recoil and are called semi-deadbeat. This post shows a movie of one by Seth Thomas.

The movie below shows it in action.

This movement is from an Ithaca Farmer’s model double dial perpetual calendar clock. The photos below show the movement, dials and complete clock.

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