Kundo Miniature 400 Day Clock with Pearlescent Plastic dial

This Kundo miniature 400 day clock has an unusual dial – it is thin plastic with a pearlescent finish and Roman numerals. It was made in the 1950s, and has a round base with leveling discs, and a pendulum locking device.

See more photos.

Repair job 5858. Horolovar back plate similar to 1381 with the text rotated 180 degrees and no slots for a snap-in guard. I cleaned the movement, polished  the pivots and installed a new 0.024 inch suspension spring.

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  1. I’ve never had a jig, I attach the top block, loosely install the fork, lay the unit over the drawing in the book, position the fork and tighten it, cut the spring to length, loosely install the bottom block, lay the unit over the drawing, position and tighten the lower block.

  2. I’ve got two anniversary clocks to do yet before Christmas. They’re generally not too tough unless you have one of those whose escapement falls out of adjustment when you take it apart. I do have trouble replacing the suspension wire due to my hand tremor. On the other hand, if I get into trouble I can ride my bike over to the world headquarters of Horolovar, where Chris and them consider me their mascot.

    I think I’ve finally figured out how to build a semi-decent universal suspension-unit jig, but what do you use for the purpose, if anything? I’ve had no luck at all with the commercial ones.

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