Terry Clock Company Walnut Shelf Clock

This one-day walnut shelf clock was made by Terry Clock Co., Pittsfield, Massachusetts. Terry Clock Co. was in Pittsfield from 1883 – 1888. The company was located in Waterbury, Connecticut from 1867 – 1880. In 1888 they became known as Russell & Jones Clock Co.

This clock is 20 3/16 inches tall and 12 13/16 inches wide. The minute track on the dial is 4 7/8 inches diameter, and the minute hand is 2 9/16 inches long.

This clock has an interesting semi-deadbeat escapement, as in the Terry clock in my previous post, and shown in the video below:

See more photos.

Job 5909. If the time mainspring ever breaks, it should be replaced with a much thinner spring, as the pendulum swing is much larger than it needs to be! The mainspring sizes (both original) are:

  • Time mainspring 5/8 by 0.0185 to 0.019 inches
  • Strike mainspring 5/8 by 0.017 – 0.0175 inches

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