Schatz Cuckoo Clock from Parts

When this Schatz cuckoo clock arrived at my shop, it was in pieces (a family member of the owner had attempted to repair it). The photos below show the clock before repair:

Movement as received for repair. IMG_5763 Bellows as received for repair

I looked everything over, and all the parts were present and in good condition. I did the following:

  • Dismantled the rest of the movement
  • Cleaned it
  • Installed 16 bushings
  • Cleaned the movement again
  • Assembled the movement and put it in the case
  • Replaced the broken hour hand
  • Adjusted the cuckoo door to open the correct amount
  • Recovered the bellows

The photos below show the clock after repair:

Movement has been put back in the case. IMG_5794 IMG_5797

Repair job 6200.

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