Ithaca Grandfather Clock Repair

Here’s an Ithaca grandfather clock I repaired in July 2013 (and I did another one last month). William L. Gilbert Clock Co. made the movements of these clocks, as discussed in Ithaca Grandfather Clock with Gilbert Movement.

IMG_5503 IMG_5497 IMG_5490

See more photos.

Repair job 6121. I polished the pivots, installed 12 bushings, replaced the time mainspring with a  3/4 x .0155 x 120 inch spring and the strike mainspring with a 3/4 x 0.0159 x 120 inch mainspring. A previous repair shop had removed the escape wheel cock and poorly reinstalled it and bent it. I straightened it (to make the escape wheel arbor upright) and mounted it neatly.

Repair job 6214. I polished the pivots, re-pinned one pinion, installed 14 bushings and repaired the split cannon pinion as described in  Ithaca Grandfather Clock with Gilbert Movement.

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  1. I have an Ithaca grandfather clock that worked fine until recently. I had a local clock person work on the clock and it is now worse than it was before we started. I would be thrilled to get it back in working order. Do you still work on clocks? If so I will give you more specific details. Thanks!

  2. I can overhaul the movement and replace the mainspring, but I am over 1 year behind on repair work. The German mainsprings are often too strong for an American antique clock and may cause mainwheel tooth wear unless a thin enough spring is installed. There is nothing wrong with the Asian springs. I could put your name on my waiting list. Can you bring the whole clock to me or are you too far away? You could send the movement. A typical overhaul is around $550 to $700, with a two year warranty.

  3. I have an Ithaca grandfather clock exactly like the photograph shown on your website. The strike mainspring broke. Can you replace the spring? Can you use a German spring instead of an Asian spring? Thanks!

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