Seth Thomas Falcon Electric Clock, Made in 1940

This electric desk clock by Seth Thomas  is called the “Falcon”. The movement has the date code 6 40 (June 1940). The case is leather-covered wood and is 5 7/16 inches square. The dial is about 3 inches diameter.

IMG_5785 IMG_5783 IMG_5780

This clock uses an interesting and long-lasting motor known as the Sangamo self-starting synchronous. The rotor has two parts: a cup shaped  copper rotor which starts the motor, and a steel bar rotor that locks into synchronization with the alternating current to keep the clock on time. More details are on my Westclox Electric Clock Motor History page.

IMG_5727 The 2 rotors mounted together. Inside of field coil (before old grease was cleaned out)

Job 6181. I polished the pivots and installed 5 bushings. The Sangamo motor worked fine after cleaning. Electric clocks will keep chugging away for many years, and when they finally stop will have worn pivots and/or pivot holes. The motors are very often good after cleaning and lubrication.

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  1. Working on a SethThomas chiming mantle clock No. 1700. Uses a Sangamo electric motor. Is there a replacement for this motor or are they repairable? Client would like the mantle clock to run again.

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