Revere Electric Chime Clock, 1940s

Here’s an electric clock with Westminster Chime, made by Telechron and marketed by Revere Clock Co., Cincinnati. These clocks are very reliable, and many have run for 30 or more years before needing repair. This one had a new rotor (the sealed gearbox part of the motor) replaced in 1971. The receipt for the rotor was in the clock, and its wholesale price was $6.50! New rotors haven’t been made for years. Some new old stock rotors with aluminum housings are still available, but these aren’t as powerful as the older ones, which are much heavier. Since this clock has the older, heavier type of rotor, but it wasn’t working, I had it rebuilt. In addition to having the rotor rebuilt, I disassembled the movement, cleaned it, polished 4 pivots and installed 2 bushings.

This clock is 6 1/2 inches tall and 19 inches wide. This clock has very nice tone to the chimes, because the width of the case gives room for long chime rods.

Receipt showing the price of a Telechron B Rotor in 1971: $6.50 plus tax! IMG_5873 IMG_5866

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Repair job 6210. This movement was used in many clocks in the 1930s and 1940s and maybe later. Its design is very different from a spring driven clock and is super reliable when clean and adjusted correctly.┬áIt uses a Telechron “B” rotor, which has a 1 RPM output shaft.

These clocks run so reliably and for so long that when they do stop, they should be taken apart and cleaned (and any needed repairs done) even if the only problem seems to be the motor is not running.

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  1. I have this same clock, but with a broken glass. Do you know where I can get a replacement. I will do the work myself.

  2. My cousin fail to stabilize the chimes of her Revere Telechron mantel clock so upon moving one of the chimes came out of the mounting block. I do not know if it broke out of the block or just became detached. I have found that there are two screwws under the clock that hold the block in place. The chime can be placed into a hole in block but needs to be attached in the hole somehow. So: 1) Can this be repaired? 2) If so can I do so and how? 3) Cost of what may be necessary?

  3. On most of these clocks, you open the back door, and there is a setting knob inside.

  4. I have a Telechron motored Revere Westminster chime electric clock age unknown. When I pug it in the minute hand runs continually and I do not know how to set it. Ease tell me how to set this clock.
    Thank you
    Julia Beaudine

  5. I live in Greendale, WI (just outside of Milwaukee), I now have a Pilgrim model, Westminster Chime/moondial grandfather my grandparents bought in the 40s?. It runs great and keeps perfect time but has started to grind that can be heard in a quiet room. I have looked for repairs or Revere address to little avail. Your site appeared in my search, any quick ideas or suggestions? I am new at this, have been told only repairs would be battery replacement? For real? I would really appreciate a moment of your time and direction, thanks

  6. It will be approximately $160 to have the motor rebuilt, and around $400 to $500 for the movement overhaul.

  7. I’m have a mdl.r935 revere mantel clock.motor has been replaced 1 time . it has a xetechron type b3. 59m31 motor. can it. be repaired ect and how much appx would it cost? motor no longer runs .

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