Schatz Standard 400 Day Restoration – Before & After

Here is a Schatz standard 400 day clock made in December 1952. It looked pretty bad to start with, but came out looking superb! I did a lot of polishing, and replaced the bezel (the original was dented). I replaced one gear (T3) that had bad rust on its pinion.

The enamel dial had rust stains and I wasn’t sure it would clean up. I removed the bezel and cleaned the dial in my clock cleaning fluid, and it came out looking like new!




See more photos.

Repair job 6236. Polished the pivots, replace the suspension spring and lower suspension block, polished the leaves of T2 (had surface rust). I also supplied a glass dome. Movement date code 12 52. .004 inch thick Horolovar suspension spring.

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