Schatz London Coach 400 Day Clock, Late Model, With Different Dial

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I just repaired 2 Schatz London Coach 400 day clocks for a customer. The oldest one, dated 12-57 (December 1957) has the usual silvered dial with brass Roman numerals. The newest clock is dated July 1972. I didn’t know that they made them this late! Its dial is brass-color with a white chapter ring and black Roman numerals.

Schatz London Coach 400 day clock made in 1972

Schatz London Coach 400 day clock made in 1972

Side view of 1972 clock

Side view of 1972 clock

The 1972 clock (left) and 1957 clock (right).

The 1972 clock (left) and 1957 clock (right).

See more photos.

Repair job 6393. The newer clock had a cracked jewel, which I replaced with a brass bushing. The older clock had gunky black oil in one pivot hole. The pivot was rough, and the hole was worn, so I polished the pivot and installed a bushing. This was ususual – 400 day clocks usually don’t need bushings.

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  1. Daniel Colacrai says:

    I enjoyed reading your story on repairing both those clocks. I have the identical clock I purchased a clock in its original box. I recently moved from New York to North Carolina when I took the clock out of the box the front glass were shattered. Wondering if you can help me locate a new one. I am looking forward to speak to you my cell phone number is 704 906 8119 you have my e-mail if you could please get back to me I do appreciate it

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